WertVoll GmbH as an associated partner of Lehrbetriebsverbund WertVoll educates young people needing special attention and aims at integrating them in the first labor market. Our goal is to help them being able to attain a self-dependent and self-determined lifestyle. Momentarily there are 6 young people working at Greuterhof in the kitchen, as waiters / waitresses, and in maintenance. With the new hotel now open we’ll be able to offer 15-20 workplaces for those young people. To be able to offer places of education in an environment being forced to prove its success in today’s economic environment was one of the main motivations for building the Greuterhof Hotel.

With this concept as an integrated place of education we also make reference to the philosophy and ideas of Bernhard Greuter who was the original founder of the dyeing plant and of Hans Jossi who acquired the Greuterhof buidlings at the end of the 1970ies to save this historically valuable location. Both of these great man placed education at the core of their activities and their thoughts are also honoured in the Greuterhof foundation.